# Sunday, 16 August 2009

After a number of small releases focused on application infrastructure, this release is a semi-major user focused feature release.

The biggest new feature is treating function parameters as obfuscatable variables.

A user requested that function/variable names not grow in size as part of obfuscation, so function/variable names now stay the same size.  This may continue to be refined over time depending on what people think.

Since this obfuscator was originally written for my own use, it made some assumptions about coding style, especially in regards to whitespace.  A number of those types of assumptions have now been removed based on testing against code submitted by users.

While some substring type issues still remain, it is now possible to have local variables which are substrings of one another like "counter" and "counter1" without the obfuscator missing a beat.

It used to be possible to have a variable named "funct" (which is a substring of the lua reserved word "function"), but this is no longer allowed.  More work is needed in this area (not mangling lua reserved words) going forward.

The latest version of the Capprime Lua Obfuscator is available here:


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# Monday, 27 July 2009

This release increases the number of characters that can be obfuscated at one time from 1000 to 3000.

The daily character obfuscation limit has also been increased from 3000 to 6000.

These limits may change again in the future depending on usage and feedback.

The Capprime Lua Obfuscator is available here:


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# Saturday, 04 July 2009

This release includes fixes for two uncommon server errors:

1) Error occurred when Lua code contained apparent HTML tags.
2) Error occurred when Lua variable name was missing.

These two scenarios are now handled properly without errors being generated.

Since the Capprime Lua Obfuscator was first publically released two months ago, the web application has been visited by approximately 70 unique (non-bot) IP addresses.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged!

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# Sunday, 03 May 2009

More and more software products are including a feature that allows using the Lua programming language to author addons that add additional features to the base software product.

One of the most notable of those products is World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft players can write Lua addons to modify and enhance the user interface in many useful ways.

As a player of World of Warcraft for three years, I've enjoyed using many of these addons and even started to create my own.

The addon I developed seemed useful enough that I thought other players may be willing to purchase the addon for real money, even though the large majority of World of Warcraft addons at the time were free.

Long story short, the company that created World of Warcraft turned on their addon developers and effectively outlawed addon developers from making a living from addon development.

In the process of trying to commercialize my lua addon, I wrote a code obfuscator for lua.  That obfuscator doesn't have much use to me at the moment, so I put a web front end on it and I'm publishing it to see if other people can get any meaningful use out of it.

This version (v1.0.0.4) is free to use with limitations on how many text characters can be processed per day and per IP Address.

Click here to: Obfuscate Lua

There is a feedback page as part of the lua obfuscator application that allows you to submit feedback of any kind.  Please let me know what you think!

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